Katie Holmes 84382353_8.jpgPhotos courtesy of Getty Images

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended the Berlin premiere of "Valkyrie" last night, and we're amazed to see Katie actually standing up straight! Doesn't it seem like she's always slouching?

Anyway, the actress opted for a long, sexy low-cut dress with a beaded neckline, and she topped it off with a cream puff cream colored puff sleeve jacket. It looks like she tried to create an old school glam 'do with her hair, but we're not quite sure if it's working - maybe if she had longer hair? But hey, the dress looks pretty good, and we're willing to overlook her pastry inspired jacket, so we'll leave her alone in the fashion department.

However, one thing that DOES need to be discussed is how rail thin Katie's looking. I know black is a slimming color, but girlfriend looks like a 5'9" size 0! And we're not sure if that's a good thing...