John Travolta johnjett.jpgPhoto courtesy the Travolta family via Rogers & Cowan

Although the autopsy won't be conducted until today, new details about Jett's condition have emerged.

TMZ reports that Jett actually had a history of grand mal seizures (which are not associated with Kawasaki Disease) that occurred as frequently as once every four days. The seizures were "extremely serious," according to Travolta's lawyers, and "each seizure was like a death," where Jett would lose consciousness and begin convulsing.

But despite rumors that Travolta and family refused to treat Jett's condition with meds due to their belief in Scientology, Jett had actually been prescribed an an anti-seizure medication called Depakote which he had been taking for "several years" according to Travolta's camp. The meds reduced the frequency of Jett's seizures from once every four days to once every three weeks. Eventually the meds stopped working and the family made the decision to take him off the drug.

Although a seizure may have been what ultimately led to Jett's death, there is no reason to believe the lack of medication is to blame for the boy's untimely passing.