John Mayer queen-latifah-mayer-muppets.jpgphoto courtesy Richard Termine/PBS

Elmo looks tickled to be hanging out with John Mayer, Queen Latifah and Rosita (for those of you over the age of 12, she's the blue muppet) who were in New York to tape a special Sesame Street featuring military families that will air on PBS in the spring.

It was all part of John's whirlwind week in the Big Apple where we spotted him leaving the Kaufman Studios in Astoria the day before when he was there for an Armani photo shoot. John was back at the very same studio the next day to tape the Sesame Street special.

Wonder if being around the set of a children's television show got John thinking about having kids of his own?!? I can probably think of at least one person who'd like to start a family with JM!!