Celebs always have something to say...even about politics! (I know, surprising, right?) Paris, Kim, Ben, Brooke and Diddy spoke to Life & Style mag about their hopes for the just hours-old Obama administration.

parisobama.jpg“I hope and believe Barack Obama will pull us out of this recession! I’m thrilled to have him as our new president. He’s the exact change our world needs. Obama is hot, and he rocks!” –- Paris Hilton
“I hope the spirit of this administration continues its momentum, the wonderful spirit of hope and change.” –- Ben Affleckbenobama.jpg
kimobama.jpg“I hope that during his presidency, Obama brings our troops home from Iraq, stabilizes our economy and helps provide health care for all Americans. I think he’s going to be an amazing leader. I’m proud of what he’s done so far.” -– Kim Kardashian
“I’m very excited for him and the change I think he’s going to bring.” -– Diddydiddyobama.jpg
Ben Affleck brookeobama.jpg“I support the Obama wave, and I’m excited for change. These are exciting times, and there’s a lot of hope out there. It’s never too late to get involved!” -– Brooke Hogan