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As we mentioned before, things were getting tense between the couple well before the police were called to Chris' car Saturday night.

Now Life & Style quotes one witness who saw the pair fighting a full 24 hours before the alleged assault!

    “I saw Chris Brown and Rihanna fighting at the Verizon party [at Boulevard 3 nightclub] on Friday night,” says the source. “They were in this room and they were just screaming at each other, totally cussing each other out. They were screaming ‘F*** you,’ ‘No, f*** you’ at each other, back and forth. They were right in each other's face. It was scary. They were surrounded by all these execs and they were all just ignoring it, as if it was something they saw every day. It was so shocking. It's just so awful.”

How sad that no one stepped in to stop the fight then...maybe if they had, it wouldn't have escalated into the alleged altercation that resulted in Rihanna ending up in the hospital!