Kate Moss katenymag.jpg

Kate Moss graces the cover of New York Magazine, and we're amazed to see the supermodel looking relatively un-Photoshopped! Kate also chatted with the mag about her fashion line, fame and her boobs, and here's what she had to say...

On her new career as a designer:
    I’m not a designer. I’ve never been to school or been trained. I can’t draw a dress, really. But I know what I like...I love clothes. I know how clothes should fit and feel. When I would go to shoots, stylists would say to me, “You really should do something. You should take it another step.” But it never felt right until I met Philip [Green] and the whole atmosphere of Topshop.

Regarding her pregnancy recent weight gain, Kate says:
    I’ve just grown breasts...I am a woman now! It’s true. No, honestly, I’ve never worn a bra in my life. Ever! It’s so awful, even my friends are phoning me up and saying “Are you pregnant?” And I’m like, “No! I just put on a couple of pounds, and they went in the right place.” Isn’t that weird? And how perfect for lingerie...Now I can fill a B-cup. My friend does say I’ve got horseshoes up my ass. I’m like, What does that mean? It means I’m lucky - I’ve got a horseshoe up my ass.

A horseshoe up her ass, eh? So what's with the bloated belly she's been sporting lately? Is that just luck too, or did she have an unlucky break while getting lucky?