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A source tells X17online that Jamie Spears will take the stand today in the case for making the restraining orders against Sam and Adnan permanent.

Our source also tells us that neither Britney nor Adnan or Sam will be attending the trial, just Jamie and "tons of lawyers," natch.

UPDATE: The temporary restraining orders are extended until Wednesday - NOT because Jamie can't take the stand until then (he's taking the stand in 30 minutes), but because the judge wants to hold his/her decision until Wednesday in order to gather all the necessary evidence and testimony.

X17online's source also confirms Radar Online's report that Jamie er, the Spears family has filed a restraining order against Brit's former attorney John Eardley as well.

Brit's dad has accused Eardley (who was hired by Sam back in the day) of harassing his daughter, and in addition to Sam and Adnan, Jamie is trying to make the restraining order against Eardley permanent as well. Radar has obtained a copy of the legal papers expected to be filed later today by Eardley's attorneys, and yup, you guessed it - those documents counter Jamie's claims. The legal docs state:

    "Petitioner James Spears had no authority to file this action. There is no evidence that Mr. Eardley harassed Mr. Spears or anyone. There is no complaint or declaration from Britney Spears that Mr. Eardley harassed her."

Stay tuned to X17 for more court updates this afternoon!