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Even though a short list of people have come out to support Chris Brown (his sister Tootie, Terence Howard, his stylist...hmm, that's about it!), it looks like most people are on Team Rihanna, and Jay-Z is no exception.

When Jay heard about the horrific incident, he was absolutely furious. A source for Us Weekly (via The NY Post) says, "[Jay-z] hit the roof. Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew."

We're glad Jay-Z has Rihanna's back, but it got us thinking about his relationship with the 20-year-old singer. We know the (now married) rapper is like a father figure to her, but a while ago, there were LOTS of blind items/internet rumors about Jay-Z and Rihanna's alleged fling. Of course, everyone denied it at the time, and Beyonce shot down rumors that she wrote the song "Ring The Alarm" about Rihanna, but the stories keep popping up.

So how does this relate to the whole Chris Brown incident? Well, rumor has it that yet another one of the possible reasons Chris exploded at Rihanna was because she gave him herpes. I know, I know...it sounds a bit far fetched, and you're probably still asking yourself, what the eff does Beyonce have to do with this? Well, according to the rumors, Rihanna got the nasty little STD from her alleged romp with Jay-Z (who was in a relationship with Beyonce at the time), and when Chris began to show symptoms, he freaked out.

Now let me reiterate...this is JUST a rumor. By definition, a rumor is "a statement or report current without known authority for its truth," but sometimes rumors can be true. There may not be any truth to this, but we're just saying what we're hearing. Could something like an incurable STD be one of the reasons that the R&B superstars got into a violent fight? Or is it because another girl texted him? Was it because he was flirting with Paris Hilton? Or is it because Rihanna was the one who cheated?