Joaquin Phoenix joaquinspeaksmusic.jpg

Although many people think Joaquin's just pulling a big fat joke, Joaquin contends that he's deadly serious about his career in music (which X17online sources confirm.)

The Sun reports that after his disastrous appearance on The Late Show, Joaquin is talking about his new interest in music vs. the career he's excelled at for so long:

“I feel like everything in my life is leading up to this and suddenly acting doesn’t seem like that’s a big part of what was important in my life. I imagine, when I look back on my life, acting will be just a very small portion of something that I did, and I think music will be the dominant theme in my life.”

We're just hoping his life will last long enough for music to overtake his acting, although we can't help but look at his latest appearances and worry that he may end up like his older brother.