Kanye West

I'll admit it. I'm kinda fascinated by Kanye West's new lady friend, Amber Rose. We spotted the couple at Ecco last night, and we're more interested in her than the Louis Vuitton don! She's got a killer body, her sense of style is rather unique, and she's got less hair than Kanye! So who is she exactly?

Well, she recently showed off her magnificent booty in Smooth magazine, there are internet reports that she was a stripper, and get this - that she once dated a girl! Since then, she's been in several music videos and numerous magazines, and it's also been reported that she's pals with Rihanna.

She may not be the girl next door, but there's something to be said for a woman who can rock the bald look, and she seems like a good match for Kanye, so good for her!

What do you guys think of these two?