Kim Kardashian KKardashian021909_08.jpg

Before I discuss Kim Kardashian's crotchal region (shout out to Ron Burgundy!), I'd like to point out that there are dos and don'ts when it comes to wearing leggings. Most starlets know the rules (or bend stretch them slightly, but not so much that they offend us), but some need a refresher course, so here we go...

Technically, leggings aren't considered pants, but you can wear a tunic or a long shirt with them, or anything that you'd wear with a pair of skinny jeans. Feel free to show off your fantastic derriere, but you should be mindful of your front - if you don't have a visible camel toe, knock yourself out!

But if you think we're getting a peek at something you don't want us to see, PLEASE COVER IT UP! And Kim sweetheart, we're talking to you! We don't want to see your secret smile...just the one on your lovely face.