Lindsay Lohan llohanpure110708.jpg Well, kinda. And there are some serious strings attached. But still!

Fox News reports that Warren Beatty has been "dangling a new movie role" in front of Lindsay, but in order to actually get it, she has to stay in his house, er, his guest house while he shoots the film.

I KNOW the whole living arrangement sounds kinda weird, but think of it this way - if Lindsay lived there during production, it seems like a genius way to keep her in line and off the party scene. And even though there's a 49 year age gap between the two, we're sure Lindsay and Warren would have plenty of wild stories to share with one another.

Warren reportedly has a script that he wants to direct and star in, and Lindsay would possibly be playing his daughter. The two have already met up, and it's about time for her to snag a legit movie role, so we REALLY hope she does this.