Forget the Oscar acceptance speeches - LiLo talked to E!'s Party Girl at the Mercedes-Benz Oscar party (before heading to Madonna's bash) last night, and she had quite a few things to say about her future business ventures!

The apparent entrepreneur has a lot of upcoming projects... but none of them are films. First leggings, now spray-tan and diamonds!

Check out our fave gems from the awkward, fidgety interview below:

"I was really excited about Penelope Cruz, she's a good friend of mine."

"I'm actually starting a spray-tan... I'm doing it through Sephora. And it's really exciting because it's really good! My friend and I just had an idea, so we did it through our company."

"I'm starting to do a diamond line."

"Everyone thinks it [my necklace] is a stone and I'm like, no, it's a diamond! It's not a stone."

"I always, when people are saying things, I'm like 'shh!' so it [my tattoo] makes sense."

"I do yoga. Like once a week? I don't go more than that, I'm too lazy."

"It's probably stress. I just have a lotta meetings for movies and stuff. But everything's really great!"