Paris Hilton parisrobnoo.jpg

Be careful Rob! reports that Paris Hilton and Twilight star Robert Pattinson "cozied up" in a corner together "for a very long time" at Rick Yorn and Patrick Weitzell's Oscar afterparty on Sunday night.

Sources at the party say there was "definite chemistry" between Paris and Rob, and one eyewitness tells the website, "Paris and Rob were deep in conversation, being very flirtatious with each other, when Benji, Paris' ex approached. Paris was polite to Benji, but continued talking to Rob, and poor Benji slinked away." Poor Benji indeed!

We know Rob likes to party and mingle with Hollywood types, but we're really hoping he was just being polite to the heiress! A relationship/fling between Paris and Rob would just make us nauseous...and that's putting it nicely!