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There is a very strategic reason for Sam to file suit against not only Britney's parents for breach of contract, but also against Britney herself.

It's complicated, but here's why:

According to the court docs X17online obtained, around October 2007, Britney entered into an oral agreement with Sam to become her manager, which was later confirmed by Brit in a text that read "sam, so thats fine, i want you to be my manager. you were right its 15 percent of my money but for 4 years not 5."

Sam claims he carried out his duties as manager from October 2007 until February of 2008, when Jamie was appointed conservator. Around that same time, Jamie re-hired Larry Rudolph to take over managerial duties, and effectively shut Sam out.

Also, as alleged in the court docs, "Lutfi has made numerous demands on Jamie, as conservator for Britney, for payment of management fees due for the period from approximately mid-October 2007 to early-February 2008, as well as other amounts that would have been due under the Agreement but for its premature termination." Sam has apparently never received that payment.

So, in addition to suing Jamie as conservator, Sam must sue Britney herself, since his agreement was made directly with Britney, and not Jamie.


Since he named not only Britney in the suit, but Jamie as well, she cannot be represented in the suit by Jamie as her conservator (and subsequently his lawyers) -- because it will be a conflict of interest!

This could be a brilliant strategy by Sam to find a way to get Britney to speak for herself or even retain her own counsel, as he's been trying to encourage her to do all along...