Jennifer Aniston battleoftheexes.jpg

Last night it was the battle of the exes, with Jen, in a white, sparkly gown, facing off against Angelina for the first time since Angie stole her man, and on the biggest stage in the world -- The Oscars!

Johnnifer avoided the red carpet, allowing Brangelina to stake their claim on the press line (they were nominated for the night's biggest prizes, after all), but it was during the actual ceremony, where Jen presented the award for Best Animated film, all the while trying not to look down at the front row where her ex sat with his new woman, that the moment we've all been waiting for occured!

It was like a study in contrasts, Jen nervous and fidgety in her white sparkly gown and flowing blonde hair, while Angie looked serene, calm and Morticia-like in her black gown and Texas-sized updo.

But after the show, it was Jen's turn to shine at the Vanity Fair party. Course, Brangelina were losers again, and had their brats brood to return to, and Jen may be 40, but being with John has given her the energy of a 30-year-old, so it's only fitting that they were the ones to party until dawn!

So who wins this X17 Face Off? The couple in black, Blandgelina? Or the light, airy and fidgety Johnnifer?

Pic of Jen and John courtesy Getty Images