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Lindsay: Have A Coke & A Smoke!

March 31, 2009... Lindsay was spotted chugging a Coke and inhaling some smoke upon leaving Siren Studios (a photo studio) this afternoon. I guess in some cultures, high-fructose corn syrup and carcinogens constitute a beauty regimen?

The Suri-tology Center?

March 31, 2009... We spotted Katie Holmes and little Suri at the Scientology Center in Los Angeles this afternoon, and once again, the celebritot was barefoot. Sure, Katie was carrying her, but still...kiiiinda gross. Think Suri has fun with all the other happy...

15 Going On 25

March 31, 2009... Nothing wrong with stealing clothes from your sister and her gf, but is this outfit appropriate for a 15-year-old? Or are we just fooled because Ali is like, so, mature for her age?

At Least She's #1 At Something!

March 31, 2009... Nice to see her admit it. This kind of sort of almost makes me like her now.

I Spy With My Little Eye...

March 31, 2009... Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon was spotted on the beach in St. Barts and it looks like she might've (accidentally) exposed herself! Or is that just a shadow? We can't tell... Take a look at the gallery and decide for yourself!

J. Love Spreads The Love

March 31, 2009... It was so nice to see J. Love happy, healthy and spreading the love, not to mention the cash, when we caught her out on a shopping break on Melrose yesterday. Guess the love of a clown will do that to...

Fergie's A Siren!

March 31, 2009... Josh Duhamel's wife was spotted leaving Siren Studios for a photo shoot earlier today - you know, the same place we snapped Lindsay? Can you imagine a spread with both Fergie and Linds? Too much hottness!
Paps Fall For Ashley!

Paps Fall For Ashley!

March 31, 2009... Alice Cullen is a cutie, so it's no surprise that paps are literally falling for the Twilight star outside of H. Wood last night!

When Blake Met Penn...

March 31, 2009... I know these two are like Seth and Summer (or Adam and Rachel) 2.0, but they're still cute! And even though GG will never reach the amazing heights of the first season, it's still a show I'll always watch. Check out...

The Non-Tourage Returns!

March 31, 2009... I'll admit it, I'm excited for the newest season of Entourage, but these boys were way more relevant when Adrian Grenier was actually hot, Kevin Connolly was dating a Hilton and Jeremy Piven was getting Golden Globes instead of fake...

OctoMom Prays...

March 31, 2009... Her prayers for free diapers were already she going back to church to pray for more sperm?

Doesn't Melanie Know About The Dangers Of Secondhand Smoke?

March 31, 2009... Hmm, guess not! We snapped Melanie Griffith and her 12-year-old daughter Stella at the airport (first at LAX and then at Charles de Gaulle in Paris) and the aging actress puffed on a cancer stick right in front of her little...
Madonna Reunites David With His Bio Daddy!

Madonna Reunites David With His Bio Daddy!

March 31, 2009... Image courtesy of AP Photo/Tom Monroe As you know, Madonna is currently in Malawi trying to finalize the adoption of her fourth child, and yesterday she took her 3-year-old son David to meet his biological dad Yohane Banda. So what...

Whitney & Jay Back On For Real Or For The Cameras?

March 31, 2009... After the season finale where she told Jay to shove it and subsequent photos that showed her in a lip lock with Lipstick Jungle hottie Robert Buckley, we were certain that Whitney and Jay had ended their fake relationship. But apparently,...

Not Bad!

March 31, 2009... Yesterday we caught up with Charlie Sheen's babymama Brooke Mueller, and it's pretty hard to believe that she gave birth to twins just two weeks ago! It appears as though she's rapidly dropping the baby weight and getting her...
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Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott already married?
Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott already married?
Seems like they are!
Probably not - Kris would never let them elope; they'd have to tape a big wedding for the show!