We're on LindsayWatch, people!

Here's the latest update on everybody's favorite allegedly-rehabilitated-actress (with a warrant now out for her arrest): LiLo and her lover Samantha Ronson stayed secluded, all day and night, inside Sam's pad yesterday - remember when the cops came to the door and no one answered? - and so some pals brought in groceries for the couple, as well as some reading material...

Lindsay Lohan

The blue book leaves little to the imagination. Could it be these girls are planning an intervention? It seems our little LiLo was not complying with the terms of her probation - AKA, she wasn't going to AA meetings, so she had AA come to her.

Does she not understand how serious this is?!?

This isn't just another fight for Linds and Sam... if Ms. Lohan ventures into Beverly Hills, she could easily be arrested.

Your move, Lindsay.