Hayden Panettiere HPanettiere103008_001.jpg I adore Heroes honey Hayden Panettiere, and she was a total sweetheart the two times I met her, so I'm absolutely shocked that she allegedly pulled some superbitchy moves in Honolulu, Hawaii over the weekend!

According to Us Weekly, when Hayden walked the red carpet at a fundraiser on Sunday evening, she refused to do interviews, and she even yelled at photographers and journalists!

A female TV reporter tapped her on the shoulder and asked, "May we talk with you, Hayden?" and the 19-year-old actress jerked her head around and screamed, "Don't you ever touch me!" Hayden then sneered at a red carpet handler, "Oh, am I supposed to do interviews?"

To other media outlets at the event, Hayden reportedly sputtered, "You all make my life miserable," and she refused to answer any questions.

After the red carpet drama, Hayden hung out in a private cabana with Justin Long and his brother, and shortly after that, she moved to a private dining room and chatted with Drew/Kirsten's ex for over an hour. We sure hope she's not using him as a rebound! I mean, he's not that bad, but she can do way cuter better!

Maybe Hayden's just bitter over her recent breakup with hottie (and Heroes co-star) Milo Ventimiglia? An X17 reporter saw Milo and 22-year-old actress Emmy Rossum lunching at Craft in Century City on Friday, so we're wondering if that's what put Hayden in such a sour mood...