Britney Spears LutfiSuitStrike.jpgOn Monday, Jamie and Lynne Spears filed a motion to strike a large portion of the libel and defamation suit filed by Brit's former manager, Sam Lutfi.

In documents filed in Los Angeles, the Spears' attorneys call Sam's suit "a calculated attempt to exploit the court system" by repeatedly inserting "false, scurrilous narratives" that have "no basis in fact."

Describing the suit as "a fanciful public relations press release," Spears' attorneys want a judge to throw out allegations that are "irrelevant, false or improper."

Here's just a sample of some what the Spears' attorneys want tossed from the suit:

That Jamie and Lynne tried to control Britney's Life:
    "Britney Jean Spears ("Britney") is one of the most recognizable and highest paid celebrities in the world. Ever since she burst onto the scene as a pop superstar, ever aspect of her life and , more importantly, her fortune, has been controlled by her parents, James Parnell Spears (a/k/a Jamie Spears) and Lynne Irene Spears. However in late 2006 and early 2007, when Britney's life was, very publicly, spiraling out of control, Jamie and Lynne failed to offer their fragile daughter the guidance or emotional support she desperately needed. Rather, they saw her very personal and public struggles as an opportunity to gain even more control over Britney and her fortune."

They interfered with her marriages:
    In order to ensure that they would not lose the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed, Jamie and Lynne set out to destroy anyone and anything that came between them and Britney; first by pressuring and cajoling Britney into annulling her marriage to long time friend, Jason Alexander; and later by interfering with Britney's marriage to Kevin Federline.

They used Britney's breakdown to their advantage:
    Neither Jamie nor Lynne offered Britney any support as she suffered the embarrassment and humiliation of public ridicule. Rather, they saw the rumors and tabloid reports as a means by which they could force their way back into Britney's life and regain control of her fortune under the guise of concern for Britney's well being.

They tried to get rid of Lutfi:
    Although Lutfi encouraged Britney to reconcile with her parents, Lutfi represented a significant impediment to Lynne and Jamie's regaining complete control of Britney's life and career.

A hearing is set for April 9th.