Kevin Federline Kevin Federline FederlineNewRaps.jpgEver since he blessed the world with "Popozao!" in 2006, everyone has been eagerly waiting to hear what Kevin Federline would come up with next. Fortunately the wait is almost over!

K-Fed is heading back to the recording studio!!!

According to, Brit's ex will be working with producer Krayzie Bone on the new tracks. And a lot of the songs are going to be about Britney!!!

"People gon' say I'm craz, but to my surprise the stuff that he let me hear, it was pretty decent," Krayzie told the site. "[Kevin's music] was really deep. He was talking about his life. Telling his side of the story [on his split with Britney] in a more mature, adult kind of way. Opposed to just being on the record saying, 'F**k Britney!'"

We totally can't wait to hear that!!!