Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Maybe that works for Rihanna and Chris Brown, but not me!

The Umbrella singer is currently in the Big Apple - she dined at Da Silvano last night - and the boyfriend that beat her, Chris Brown, is still in La La Land working out at the gym (check out X17's pic of Chris at LA Fitness - the ONLY pic of him from the weekend!). But even though they're on opposite coasts - is there healing in separation? We now know from Rihanna's uncle, Robert Fenty, that Ri and Chris are not recording a new duet together, but that doesn't mean they're not still making beautiful music together, either.


Oh, Ri. You look like you're doing so well! Is reuniting with Chris what you really want? I mean, even his bodyguards are crazy, attacking what's left of his fans!