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Media outlets are bombarding the DA's office and courthouse spokesperson with calls regarding whether or not the Los Angeles District Attorney will officially file charges against Chris Brown prior to the arraignment tomorrow...

Extra now reports that the blood inside Brown's rented Lamborghini could be Rihanna's blood. Forensics expert Mary Pierson has this to say about it: "The stitching is saturated in blood. Rihanna’s face was bruised and the corners of her mouth did show bleeding. So yes, there could have been blood from the mouth on the console (from) hitting or some kind of low impact blow."

A former DA and County Court Judge Jeanine Pirro thinks the blood could be a match, adding: "The photos identify the crime scene. If indeed it is her blood, and I suspect it is... they (photos) have to corroborate everything that she says. You’ve got it all there. You’ve got this case beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecute it!"

Strong words! So does this mean the hearing will still go down tomorrow?

LA County Courthouse spokesperson Allan Parachini tells X17online that they currently "have no case involving Chris Brown."

X17 contacted the District Attorney's office and asked PIO Sandy Gibbons about the possible charges to be filed, to which she replied: "There is nothing going on today. Nothing has changed since the court date for March 5th was originally set."

Guess we'll have to see what happens Thursday morning - stay tuned for the latest deets!