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It was previously reported that Rihanna and Chris Brown were holed up in a recording studio in Santa Monica over the weekend working on a duet, but it looks like this was nothing new - the controversial couple had already recorded a tune together -- several months ago!

Rihanna's uncle Robert Fenty has spoken exclusively with X17online, and with regard to the duet in question, Robert told us:

    "I'd also like to clear some other misinformation up. [Various online reports said] that Rihanna and Chris are working a love duet. That is untrue. What is true is Rihanna and Chris Brown have a song recorded called "Bonnie & Clyde." The song was recorded back in October. The song leaked over the internet the past weekend and people got the information twisted. The song was to be the first single off both of their upcoming albums. With everything going on Rihanna's album has been pushed back until late this year."

Additionally, Robert tells X17online exclusively that he doesn't understand why Rihanna took Chris back, and he also reminded us that Rihanna and Chris were "friends before they were lovers," and suggested that the two might be taking things slowly (and platonically) right now.