Chris Brown

Yesterday we snapped Chris Brown leaving his Beverly Hills hotel, and the R&B singer looked totally down in the dumps. Why so sad? Well, we know he's staying in two suites all by himself, and Rihanna is 3,000 miles away from him, so it only makes sense that he'd be rolling around town looking depressed.

Speaking of rolling, we think it's kind of odd that Chris has the window rolled down - isn't this the guy who tried to hide when we photographed him at Rihanna's pad two weeks ago? Maybe he wants the world (or his girlfriend) to know how bummed he is to be flying solo on the west coast?

Rihanna's uncle Robert Fenty tells X17online exclusively that the songstress is spending most of her time focusing on work right now instead of Chris. Robert tells us it's NOT over between the two, but Rihanna is looking to spend some time away from Chris, and she's trying to find a way to get through this.

But what if Rihanna finally begins to realize that she should end things with her abusive boyfriend? Do you think Chris is afraid he'll lose her? Is he afraid he'll lose his career? Or both?