Rihanna Rihannanyc1_X17.jpg Well this is some good news!

Rihanna jetted off to NYC the other day, and thankfully, she's spending some time away from her abusive boyfriend, Chris Brown. X17online has been speaking exclusively with Rihanna's uncle Robert Fenty, and he tells us that he spoke with the R&B singer just a few hours ago. Rihanna says she's doing fine, and she also told Robert that she hasn't been in touch with her father for two weeks, due to a lost cell phone that hasn't yet been replaced.

Anyway, it looks like Rihanna is taking the time to focus on her career and her future - she's having meetings in The Big Apple about her upcoming album AND a movie role! Robert tells X17online exclusively, "She is okay. She went out and had fun last night. She is enjoying life and trying to get it back on track."

Though we can't verify that Robert is in fact Rihanna's uncle, the information he's given us so far has been VERY credible. Remember that duet story? X17online told you first - after Robert tipped us off.