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Baby Plastic

April 30, 2009... Once upon a time Lindsay was a Plastic, and Ali is her baby sister, so we can call her Baby Plastic, right? The 15-year-old aspiring celeb was snapped in Hawaii yesterday, and instead of rocking a one piece like...

A Princess Needs Her Tiara!

April 30, 2009... After she went shopping for hats, Paris hit up The House of Luck and Love in Beverly Hills to pick out some bling. More specifically, a tiara and some heavy duty diamond necklaces! We know she loves Doug,...

Justin And Jessica Go Jogging In NYC!

April 30, 2009... Oh, and they brought along a super-hot guy with 'em! At first glance I was all, "Whoa, Justin looks so much buffer than usual!" But I'm sure this dude is just some fitness trainer. Justin better hope Jess doesn't get the...

Yeah, She's 40!

April 30, 2009... Jealous? The Basterette - also known as Jennifer Aniston - was again spotted on set decked out in some comfy clothes. Is it possible for Jen to keep looking cute forever? I think so!

Still Not Used To It!

April 30, 2009... Nicole Richie's babydaddy was spotted at Coffee Bean in a bright zip-up jacket... Oh yeah, and his hair's still blonde. Hot or not?

It's Little V!

April 30, 2009... How adorable is Violet? Uh, she's SO adorable. Bennifer's eldest daughter is in the Big Apple, out shopping with her mom. How come we never see her out with dad?

Morticia 2.0?

April 30, 2009... Nah, that's Angelina Jolie - this is just Jennifer Love Hewitt! I actually don't mind her wearing this big, billowy black dress... after all, the top half of J.Love has always been pretty spectacular! But with the wind blowing all around...

The Material Daughter

April 30, 2009... Madonna's daughter Lourdes was spotted with her dad and his model girlfriend in NYC yesterday, and the 12-year-old showed off her very own celebrity street style. How long do you think it'll be before Madonna starts stealing stuff from...

Zac Arrives Home With Mom!

April 30, 2009... Watch out, Vanessa - Zac has a new lady on his arm these days! The 17 Again heartthrob has returned to LA after promoting his hit flick in Europe. By the way, I love Zac, but don't his lips look...

Insert Excitement Here

April 30, 2009... These two need to go on a double date with Lauren Conrad and her beau Kyle - I actually think they would have a lot to talk about! Ya know, cuz they're all normal, real people. Sorta! Nicky and David stepped...

TOO Famous

April 30, 2009... Remember when everyone was calling Hayden Panettiere Lindsay 2.0? Well, she surprised people by being sweet and innocent back then! But now, she just seems plain annoying. Don't worry, Hayden, you're not that famous! Heroes what?

Can Kelly Keep Up With The Kardashians?

April 30, 2009... Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe rocked their best disco duds at the Pepsi Throwback Launch Party at World on Wheels in LA Wednesday night. The gorgeous gals were hanging with pal Kelly Osbourne, who if you think about it, would...

Suri's The Star Of The Show!

April 30, 2009... We just snapped Katie and Suri leaving a dance studio in Hollywood, and the adorable celebritot showed off one of her artistic masterpieces on the way out. Aww, it's a appropriate!

Holly Madison Takes The Bunny Off Her Booty!

April 30, 2009... Holly Madison was one of the many celebs who showed up to the Pepsi Throwback launch at World on Wheels last night, and we got a peek at the remnants of her Playboy tattoo! Holly had the red bunny logo tattooed...

Amy's An Island Girl!

April 30, 2009... We snapped a beehive-free Amy Winehouse in St. Lucia the other day, and we were surprised to see that the Grammy winner got a visit from her dad Mitch! Will spending quality time with her family be able to...
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Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott already married?
Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott already married?
Seems like they are!
Probably not - Kris would never let them elope; they'd have to tape a big wedding for the show!