SpearsMarriedLOL.jpgEveryone loves making up stories about Britney, but this one is just too much...

A man who says he works for real estate developer John Sundahl claims his boss is engaged to Brit!!! WTF, right???

This guy who says his name is Lance Chase (seriously?) told the National Enquirer that Sundahl and Brit used to date and that they recently reunited during her tour stop in New Jersey. BTW, waaay back in 2007, X17online totally called BS on the story of Sundahl and Brit even dating.

Anyway, here's where this new story gets good, Chase says:

"[Sundahl] got down on one knee in a Subway sandwich shop in Santa Monica a week ago and proposed with a $4.5 millioin marquise-cut diamond that he bought at a Frankfurt jewelry store."

Engaged at Subway??? Maybe if they said it was at a Starbucks it would have made this totally fabricated story a bit more believable.

Crazy Chase goes on to say that a huge wedding is being planned at Sundahl's family farm in Germany, blah, blah blah.

Brit's peeps are obviously denying the story. A rep tells the NY Daily News: "Britney is not engaged, she did not get proposed to at Subway last week - she is currently on tour - she is not getting married on a farm in Germany, she did not receive a $4.5 million marquise-cut diamond ring. Oh, and she has not been abducted by aliens either."

In other words, a fun story - but total fiction.