John Mayer  tatoo tattoo kiss workout running

John Mayer  tatoo tattoo kiss workout running

Or something like that. And then he makes out with a middle-aged woman. Jennifer Aniston who?

After a day of kickboxing with the paps in Santa Monica, our favorite photographer-loving singer John Mayer chatted with our paps about having a girlfriend. Or not having a girlfriend. Or having a girlfriend and not wanting to offend her. Or - ugh - never mind! Here's what he said (and watch it all play out in the vid below!):

    "If I had a girlfriend, she would be incredibly offended by me saying 'I DON'T have a girlfriend,' so that's the proof."

That's the proof indeed! And who's the mystery woman he's smooching? Oh, just a random fan that stopped by in her car to say hi, then John asked her to be his girlfriend, she said sure and they kissed.

Just another day in the life of John Mayer!