lindsayscowlsmile.jpgfast food mom Lohan BentleyLindsay's bizarre weekend behavior continued last night, where she could be seen both smiling, scowling and crying as her mom, Dina, drove her around town.

After a not-so-relaxing drive to Malibu yesterday (where her mom got pulled-over for driving 65 in a 35mph zone), Dina and Ali drove Lindsay to two different residences so she could grab a few of her things.

Dina and Ali waited in the car while Lindsay ran in to her assistant's place to pick up a bag. The photogs asked Lindsay about the latest on her bust-up with Samantha, but despite evidence to the contrary, Lindsay just replied, "Everything is great."

She then told the paps, "Guys, could you please, like, follow, like, the Ronsons?"

Then, for a second night in a row, Lindsay stopped at the McDonald's drive through, where she could be seen crying as she talked on the phone with someone (Samantha, perhaps?)

It may be a good thing that she's got her family around her in such a troubled time, but judging from Lindsay's increasingly erratic behavior, it doesn't seem as if they're making much of a difference.