Lindsay at a Los Angeles gas station before driving to Santa Barbara for the Asher Roth concert last week

Just when we thought Lindsay Lohan was following Samantha all over Hollywood, it turns out she might have someone else on her "People To Stalk" list, and that would be musician Asher Roth!

When Linds found out that the rapper would be performing at the UC Santa Barbara campus last week, she drove all the way from LA to SB to see him, but apparently Asher wasn't too thrilled about it!

An insider tells NYDN, "Lindsay was bugging both Asher and his management team to get onstage during 'She Don't Want a Man,' but Asher was so annoyed by her requests that he actually skipped performing the single."

Hmm, what was Asher thinking, turning down the advances of a sexy fox like Lilo?!