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stripes red hair smile lohan

Aww, but she looks so sweet and unsuspecting here! And she's even flashing the peace sign!

We already told you how Lindsay Lohan partied at the W Hotel in Westwood yesterday, and afterwards Lindsay headed to Adrian Grenier's house for a little soiree. After kicking it with Adrian and his entourage for a few hours, Lindsay headed home and called it a night, right? HA! Lindsay would never end her evening that early!

Around 1am, the white Maserati left Lindsay's house and drove through Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Feliz. Photogs didn't actually see Lindsay get into the car, but they were positive that she was sitting shotgun, because whoever was navigating the vehicle seemed to be on a mission to find Samantha Ronson!

One X17 photog on the scene tells X17online exclusively:

    "The car stopped at places where Sam frequents such as Dark Room on Melrose, The Bar on Sunset and Bronson and then up to Beachwood to Sam's house. Nobody got out of the car, and after driving all over Los Angeles, the car finally returned to Lindsay's house. It seemed like this was a desperate attempt on Lindsay's part to find out where Sam was..."

Is Sam not revealing her whereabouts to Lindsay? I mean what else would explain Lindsay driving all over creation looking for Sam and her Porsche? And this isn't the first time she's done this either!