What IS it with these two? They're miserable when they're apart, but then when they're in the same room together, it's nothing but drama (and broken windows)!

Around 2am this morning, Lindsay was snapped heading into Samantha's house with a Louis Vuitton gift box, and everything seemed to be quiet and under control, but then photogs heard the two fighting around 4am. Lindsay wailed and screamed, "Why couldn't you be there for me?!" and the noise lasted for about 30 minutes before things calmed down. You gotta wonder what the neighbors think of all the ruckus!

Anyway, at 6am Lindsay walked out the front door with the adorable and cuddly Cadillac, and she hopped into the backseat of a black matte Rolls Royce Phantom. Samantha came out a few minutes later with her guitar and a piece of LV luggage, and she slipped inside a black towncar and headed to the airport. It looks like the girls were able to kiss and make up, because they both seemed to be in pretty good spirits when they left...

Samantha's on her way to Chicago for back to back gigs, so it looks like Linds is on doggie duty for the next few days...lucky her! Maybe when Samantha gets back they'll resume their peace talks?

P.S. When does Lindsay sleep? Seriously!