Lindsay Lohan was snapped at a Beverly Hills apartment building yesterday that had "For Rent" signs all over the place, and while we wouldn't be surprised to learn that she's shopping around for a new pad, we get the feeling that a 750 sq foot one bedroom might be a bit too cramped for the starlet. Or is it?

While Lindsay is certainly accustomed to a life of luxury, she hasn't been working much lately, the economy is in the crapper, and consider this: her cars are borrowed, her clothes are gifted, and she hasn't seen a large paycheck in quite some time. Is it possibly Lindsay's feeling the pinch and trying to save some money by downsizing to a smaller residence?

Or perhaps she was checking out a pad for Ali? I mean, maybe Dina thinks it's time for her 15-year-old daughter to move out and be on her own?!