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Although the results of the toxicology report have yet to be revealed, a long history of an addiction to prescription drugs coupled with an apparent eating disorder most likely led to Jackson's death.

Sources close to the star revealed to The Sun that Michael was on a cocktail of eight different prescription drugs:

    Demerol - a painkiller that was injected, mostly likely by his doctor, three times daily.

    Dilauded - another painkiller taken orally three times daily.

    Vicodin - another painkiller prescribed to Jackson recently.

    Soma - a muscle relaxer taken twice daily.

    Xanax - an anti-anxiety sedative taken twice a day.

    Zoloft - an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety SSRI.

    Paxil - another anti-depressant and anti-anxiety SSRI.

    Anti-biotics - to help heal an infection following minor surgery for his skin cancer.

Although this combination could be lethal in anyone, Jackson only weighed 125 pounds at the time of his death (despite being over 5' 10") due to an apparent issue with anorexia - Jackson had admitted to only eating one meal a day and being obsessed with weighing himself.

The world was shocked, but those closest to Michael were anything but surprised. His good friend Liza Minnelli told The Early Show yesterday morning that when the results of the autopsy come in, "all hell's going to break loose."

The results won't be available for several weeks, but I think we can already guess that this lethal cocktail of drugs is what ultimately led to his downfall.