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But does she love Samantha more?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may not have been joined at the hip last night (for a good portion of the evening they were at separate spots), but at the end of the day, they shared the same bed! Well, at least the same roof over their heads...

Lindsay left her house around 10:30pm looking very moody, but when we snapped her leaving the Chateau Marmont with her BFF Patrick a little bit later, we caught her with a huge grin on her face. What's got her in such a great mood, hmm? Oh right, she was heading to the Darkroom to meet her girlfriend!

Samantha started off her night at the Chateau Marmont as well, and shortly after Lindsay arrived at the swanky hotel, Sam left for the Darkroom. Lindsay stayed at the Chateau for another hour or so, headed to the Darkroom, and sources inside the bar tell us that Lindsay and Sam got into a minor squabble! However, it looks like they were quickly able to work things out, because the ladies spent the night at Sam's place!

Think there will be any more drama to come? Or have the ladies figured out how to have a happy, normal relationship?