So just what WAS Jon Gosselin doing hanging out in the Hamptons this weekend? Wheeling and dealing according to a source for X17online!

It appears as though the reality TV dad is trying to further his fame and land a new television show, chronicling his adventures as a single dad living in the spotlight! Ahh, so maybe that's why he wants us to believe he's single?

Jon has been mingling with all sorts of industry folk in the Hamptons, and a rep for Mike Heller (who's the CEO of a talent management firm, Talent Resources) has confirmed to X17online exclusively that Jon's been meeting with various production companies and attorneys! Heller housed Gosselin & co at his Southampton estate this weekend, and it looks like he facilitated several meetings for his new pal, including one with Endemol honcho Charlie Walk!

We snapped Jon partying it up with Michael Lohan, fiance Erin Muller, Walk and Heller, but what really caught our eye was the sheet of paper that Lohan's lady love is holding up! Above his contact information, Jon scrawled "Divorced Dads Club," and judging by the smiles on everyone's faces, it looks like this might be a pitch that's getting picked up!

Heller's rep tells X17online exclusively:

    "Jon Gosselin and Mike [Heller] met for several hours at the Heller home in Southampton and during this time, several production companies came in with various pitches and offers. Several lawyers [also] stopped in to discuss other items. Mike has left the US for St. Tropez to follow up on some conversations Jon had while he was there recently. There are definitely some big things happening."

Ahhh, so it looks like Jon Gosselin wants to continue to pimp himself out for the reality TV cameras, but will he be joined by Michael Lohan?! And would you watch this!?