angelina jolie brad pitt hat sunglasses mcdonalds

angelina jolie brad pitt hat sunglasses mcdonalds

Yes, it's true - they're normal! And here's the proof:

Sir Brad Pitt and Dame Angelina Jolie dropped by McDonald's in Hollywood on Sunday for a healthy and nutritious meal. Dare I say, a happy meal? Who knew the perfect fam actually ate fast food!

Brad drove and Angelina sat in the passenger seat of the fam's Suburban, while their army of children all sat in the back of the monstrous SUV. The family waited in the line for about five minutes, and their bodyguards blocked the drive through to prevent anyone from coming near the Jolie-Pitt gang.

X17 photographers tell X17online exclusively, "It seemed like a normal family outing for them. Brad and Angie didn't try to hide from the cameras, and even though they attracted a lot of attention, they didn't seem to care."

Or is there another reason these two are stopping by the McD's? Like pregnancy cravings, perhaps? Hey, we gotta's so un-Angelinalike to eat something like cheeseburgers and fries!

Okay, so not really THAT big of a deal, but still. Loves it.