Michael Jackson had a cancerous lesion removed from his nose (or what was left of it...) just days before his death, reports Us Weekly.

Biographer Diane Dimond tells the mag, "Last week, I had two real sources call me and say he's getting surgery right now for removal of skin cancer off his nose. This is not a man who suffers pain well. He likes painkillers. So he got some from here, he got some from there - who knows how much."

And it doesn't look like painkillers were the only thing MJ was after - TMZ reports that Jackson "made the rounds at LA doctors' offices," often getting anesthesia for minor outpatient procedures such collagen injections, Botox and acne treatment, even when it wasn't medically necessary. One medical source even described Jackson as "an anesthesia addict." Yikes!

This isn't surprising, given the fact that Diprivan (aka Propofol), which is an intravenous sedative was reportedly found in his Holmby Hills estate after he died. Many people believe that this incredibly powerful drug might have been the medication that pushed his body over the edge...