Well, there are certainly a lot of excited tween girls hoping that this is the case!

Rumor has it that Joe Jonas and girlfriend Camilla Belle have called it quits, and there are new reports that Joe was crying at a concert in Detroit last night! And get this - a Youtube video from the Jonas Brothers concert last week has been making the rounds on the internet, and in it you can hear Joe singing a different set of lyrics, which clearly take a jab at Camilla!

When Joe sang the song "Much Better," he changed the lyrics from "I get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with superstars" to "I get a rep for breakin hearts, now I'm done with movie stars." Funny thing is, when the song first came out, we noted that Joe slammed ex-gf Taylor Swift in it as well! The lyrics continue: "And all the tears on her guitar, I'm not bitter, but now I see everything I'd ever need, is the girl in front of me, she's much better." As you know, country cutie Taylor has a hit song titled, "Teardrops On My Guitar," so we find it very interesting that this isn't the first time Joe has used this song as a way to get back at his ex-lady love(s)!

Camilla was recently spotted hanging out with former flame/tennis player Fernando Verdasco in his VIP box at the Paribas Open in California, and it's being reported that this is what might have caused the split. Fernando's current girlfriend was apparently there also, but we're guessing Joe wasn't too happy about it!

So are these two really dunzo? And why would such a cute, lovey dovey couple call it quits!