Aww, first they went to McDonald's, and now Toys "R" Us! Could this famous family be any more normal?

Earlier on Tuesday, we snapped these pix of Angelina, Shiloh and Zahara leaving the toy superstore in Burbank after spending over an hour inside! It seems the girls purchased a whole shopping cart full of goodies - wonder what they picked out for their siblings? Maddox turns 8 on August 5th -- maybe they got a few gifts for their bro?

Our X17 photogs on the scene say that Dame Angie was also in a pretty jovial mood and a store employee told X17online exclusively:

    "Shiloh and Zahara are extremely polite and well-behaved and Angelina is really natural and down to earth, especially for being such a huge star! They bought tons of toys and looked around for about an hour before checking out. They bought stuff for girls and boys."

Aw, I love it when celebs just act like real, regular people! And you know Angie is totes a caring mom. Those girls adore her!