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Talk about Brad Pitt's worst nightmare!

Brad was minding his business and riding his motorcycle on Hollywood Blvd, when all of the sudden a crazy tourist jumped out of a convertible Starline Tours van and got in his face! The man (who was armed with a video camera and a serious pair of cajones) screamed, "Brad Pitt! It's Brad Pitt!!!" and proceeded to film Angie's babydaddy as he sat helpless at a red light. Geez, the paparazzi aren't even THAT bad!

Brad was cool with it at first, but then screamed out, "That's enough, dude!"

The guy told bystanders that the video was for his family in Europe. Hey man, if you wanna sell your tape, give us a call!

P.S. After Brad's breakdown drama last week, and now this, maybe he'll ditch the bike for a while?