No, I seriously love these two! They're both super smart (and super attractive), but I feel like this is more of a cute conversation as opposed to an in-depth piece.

Jake Gyllenhaal interviews Natalie Portman in the latest issue of Interview magazine - the two actors co-star in Jim Sheridan's war drama Brothers, coming out this December...

Their discussion ranges from the four presidents honored on Mount Rushmore to Nat playing with My Little Ponies and the Cabbage Patch Kids as a kid. Oh, and not to mention her "affection for dirty rap" and how she "gets freaked out by pills."

The best part comes when Natalie admits that, aside from being able to act, she doesn't really have that many skills. But thankfully, as Jake points out, there's good money in acting. "Not a lot of skill required, but very good money," he jokes.

And don't forget to check out the trailer for Brothers below: