Brooke Hogan recently did an interview with Sirius radio in which she slams Beyonce, Heidi Montag and Cassie, among others. What sorts of golden nuggets does Hulk's look-alike daughter have to say about music, her life and people who are way more successful and famous than she is?

When asked about Beyonce, Brooke said, "She needs to go sit down and make some babies and chill. She's talented, don't get me wrong, she's talented but just give it a break." Umm, I may not be the biggest Beyonce fan, but I'm pretty sure the Grammy winner has more talent in her armpit flab than Brooke does in her entire body. Beyonce probably doesn't care about Brooke's babbling because she's sitting in a mansion somewhere admiring her 18 carat engagement ring, but if I were Brooke, I'd watch my back!

Though the bulky blonde defends Miley Cyrus for her scandalicious leaked pictures, she rips into Cassie for hers! Brooke told the radio host, "Don't show it if it's not right. It's all like, stretched out." Come on Brooke! You know we'll see nudie shots of you and your junk sometime in the near future, and it won't be pretty!

Oh and the best part? Skip to 5:49 to see Brooke shaking her...umm...well, just watch it.