aubrevsheidi.jpgPics courtesy Playboy

When Heidi Montag's slighty-scandalous photo shoot for Playboy was revealed last week, I'm sure your first reaction was "what does Aubrey O'Day think of Heidi's shots?" Well, luckily, MTV went straight to the source, and not surprisingly, Aubrey thinks her own nudie shots are far superior to Heidi's "no nipples/no cracks" pix.

"There's been so much speculation and competition between the two MTV girls, and I had heard that Spencer made a statement about it, but, I don't know, I think mine's still the winner," said O'Day.

Honestly, with all the airbrushing and fake parts, these two could practically be interchangeable as far as I'm concerned (except for the fact that Aubrey was unafraid to go completely bare, while Heidi left just a few inches to the imagination), but what do you think? Whose spread takes the top prize?