police police Lindsay's friends have frequently been called "bad influences" on the troubled starlet over the years, but is someone close to her really responsible for yesterday's robbery?

It's no secret that Lindz has been out of town, working in Austin and relaxing in New York (in fact she even broadcast her specific location on Twitter last week), so anyone could have known that Lilo wasn't at home, but the fact that the alarm was conveniently left off definitely suggests that the removal of a safe containing thousands of dollars of jewelry was an inside job.

With this being the second robbery in three months, we have to wonder who's targeting Lindsay...and why?

After informing us yesterday that he would stop at nothing to protect his daughter, today Michael Lohan had this to say:

    "I am coming into town to work with private investigators in order to gather evidence which will be turned over to LAPD and the detectives assigned to the case.

    This time, these evildoers will be caught. If we are fortunate, we just might find out who the culprits were from the other thefts as well. My children are not going to be subject to violations of this, or any kind, any longer. Especially when the always give to others, and it seems some of these very individuals are the ones behind these crimes. Dina and I are finished with this nonsense."

If nothing else, this robbery at least seems to be bringing the Lohan family together.