Talk about the curious case of Shiloh's missing front tooth!

Angelina Jolie took daughters Zahara and Shiloh, along with son Pax to Toys 'R Us in Toulon, France, and we totally had a case of deja vu! Earlier this summer we snapped a very similar picture of Angie and the girls shopping at Toys 'R Us in Hollywood, and they made out like bandits, with an entire shopping cart full of goodies!

Shiloh showed off quite an interesting look (love that sword, sister!) but what really caught our attention was her missing tooth! How cute is Brangelina's little Jack O'Lantern? And just in time for Halloween too!

But Miss Shiloh only three years old...isn't that a wee bit too young to be rolling around town minus a pearly white? We're thinking our fav little tomboy got into a swordfight with Pax or Maddox, which resulted in the missing tooth. Any other theories?


Who's your fav Jolie-Pitt child?