I suppose if my movie star husband left me for Angelina Jolie, I'd still be pretty bitter about it too! It's been nearly five years, so you'd think Jennifer Aniston would be moving on, but apparently she's still stuck on her ex, and it's affecting her work!

The NY Post reports that Jennifer burst into tears in her trailer while filming The Bounty in New York, telling an assistant that a scene reminded her of Brad. A source tells the Post that when the crew member went to grab Jen for her scene, she said, "I need a moment. This scene reminds me of Brad and me." The source added, "While she enjoyed flirting with Gerard on set and put a brave face on every day, privately she is still very fragile." Awwww!

Jen's rep denies the incident and says the whole thing is " never happened," but we're not so sure...doesn't this totally seem like something Jen would do?