It all started with a blind item about a musician dating a reality star - and for days it's been rumored that Jen Aniston's ex has been in a secret relationship with The Hills' vixen Kristin Cavallari...

So is it true? Not according to John Mayer's hilaaarious Tweets! Check 'em all out below:

    "Rumor control: How do I put this like a gentleman... I have never high-fived Kristin Cavallari with my penis."

    “I’m sure she’s a wonderful gal but we have never tasted the Skittles Rainbow together."

    “My Milli has never slam danced with her Vanilli.”

    “I have never Bensoned her Hedges, nor have I attempted to Bartle her James.”

He's quite the wordsmith! But is he telling the truth or just being the joker he always is?

And where's Kristin's denial!