Khloe Kardashian ring purse heels lakers honeymoon lamarkhloe092909_05-full.jpgKhloe Kardashian ring wedding

Last night Khloe and Lamar Odom celebrated their just married status at a SkyBar SVEDKA party, and the newlyweds made sure to show off their impressive wedding bands as they left the Mondrian Hotel!

As Khloe hugged her NBA star hubby, she gave us a glimpse of her massive 12.5 carat engagement ring and her 2.5 carat platinum wedding band. Earlier in the day we spotted Lamar flashing his wedding band after an intense training session, and it looks like his bling is proportional to his size...after all, he's 6'10" so he needs a 5 carat diamond encrusted sparkler! Hey if the rings are real, the marriage must be too, right?